OCT 2016—NY DESIGN HUNTING  by wendy goodman

MAY 2016—Mother of Thousands x Voutsa featured in W Magazine 


The TWA Flight Center, designed by Eero Saarinen, opened to the public in 1962 and has been out of use since 2001. On the evening of Sunday, May 8th, Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 2016 Spring Benefit, BEYOND BORDERS, will be the last public event to be held at the iconic terminal before its redevelopment.

BEYOND BORDERS reflects upon a growing collective consciousness about spaces of difference and the desire to transcend them.

In the space of the border, architecture intersects with dilemmas of flow, control, identity, and belonging. The scale of such dilemmas ranges from geopolitical to liminal. Borders, as lines of division between political, social, ecological, and moral issues, are subtle and ubiquitous protagonists in the poetics of daily life. They absorb the desires that exist on the margins of the legal and the possible.

BEYOND BORDERS simultaneously provides a space of reflection and projection of local conditions within an expanding global context.



Molly Findlay grew up between Northern California and the Mojave Desert with free-spirited parents and a free-spirited attitude toward creation. In fact, because of the desolateness of the latter place where she grew up, Findlay grew up with a bold imagination and the time to create, which is an unsurprising foreshadowing of her present day profession as a prop stylist and set designer. However, Findlay’s fondness for creativity and unique utilitarian pieces of art did not remain limited towards styling, as it soon found another outlet in the design of her own pieces, such as the Mrs. Noodle Pillow, Parterre Table, and Chicklet Formation couch. Soon enough, Findlay, along with husband Everard, formed the Mother of Thousands art collective, in which they brought together talented artists and designers. With the collective taking over the store windows at the men’s store at Bergdorf Goodman (on display until April 25th, 2016) in an innovative installation, Molly shares an ode to the beats and sonnets, stating, “this would be the proper way to answer our questions.”

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